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  • Squiggly Lines Aren't Good Enough

    I was recently speaking with a business development manager, trying to explain the problems associated with on-line dialog when it comes to mathematics.Most sites today don't really support the ability for average college students to create and send e-mai...
  • MathML and the Web - Who's Got Time for Perfect?

    Browsers do a pretty good job of displaying text, images and video, but anyone who has had to build a web page that includes the roots of a quadratic equation will understand the challenges related to creating and viewing anything involving math. This pos...
  • SVG's Time had Come (Again)

    It's about that time again, time for a new wave of graphics standards for the web that promise a confrontation among different camps of proponents - arguments that will now deal with how best to render and display complex graphics on the web. The topic a...
  • Too Little, Too Fast

    The presentation for Google Wave was as compelling as any driven out of Silicon Valley's servers – the engineering team demonstrated how Google's new collaboration suite enable participants to interactively review documents and media while conducting...
  • Why we Read

    “We Read to Know We are not Alone”. The words of C.S. Lewis should give us pause these days, especially as we find ourselves immersed in media in all its digital forms of sound, video, and text. So much information, so many images, blogs, posts, ...