Turning Content Into Community


Finally - a publishing model that merges mathematics, graphics, and dialog.

Electric Book Company publishes academic and technical materials designed to be fully integrated with the on-line dialog of today's learning communities.

Ideal for community colleges, online universities, and technology-centered training  companies, EBC's offerings provide a unique collection of tools that fous on the needs of dispersed teams whose members need to discuss topics not well expressed by text alone.

Our services combine streamlined annotation services with private-label content to build online communities of learners who may need to communicate complex formulas, graphics, illustrations, or simple sketches illustrating a technical problem at hand.

And of course, both messaging and publishing services are designed to meet the demands of today's mobile-centric learning communities.

So if your mission is to break the old publishing model in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of your teaching team, drop us a note and we will make something exciting happen!